Consecration of Lodge Temple

Master Brother Henry Reid and Office Bearers

Lodge Randolph No.776 worked long and hard to obtain their own premises. Wemyss Estate Architect, Mr Todd, designed the Temple to meet the requirements of Hall floor space 40' x 25', two ante rooms 16 x 11'6" each with a toilet, a heating chamber. Lit with electric (which at that time was an option) and wall seating all round the Lodge room.

The Lodge was ultimately built then Consecrated on the 10th march 1923. Brother the Right Honourable The Earl of Elgin and Kincardine and Provincial Grand Lodge of Fife and Kinross Office Bearers carried out the Ceremony in a very impressive and touching manner, during which a memorial tablet which had been erected on the West wall to commemorate the 5 Brethren of the Lodge who had given their lives in the Great War was also unveiled, after which the Last Post was sounded.

Copy of the minute taken for this meeting:

10th March 1923
Special meeting of Lodge Randolph 776. in the masonic temple on sat 10th March at 5pm.
Business. (Consecration of Masonic Temple).
The Brethren upstanding received the Provincial Grand Master and Office Bearers of Provincial Grand Lodge.
Provincial Grand Master then opened Provincial Grand Lodge in the First Degree and Passed to Fellow Craft and finally Raised to the Master Mason Degree.
The Provincial Grand Chaplain then offered up prayer when the Consecration Ceremony was perfored as per copy. The Provincial Grand Junior Warden presented the Cornucopia to the Provincial Grand Master, who dedicated the Lodge to Freemasonry. The Senior Provincial Grand Warden presented the vessel with wine to the Provincial Grand Master, who dedicated the Lodge to Virtue. The Substitute Master then presented the vessel with oil to Provincial Grand Master who dedicated the Lodge to Universal Benevolence.
The Provincial Grand Chaplain then offered up prayer.
The Provincial Grand Master then unvieled the memorial tablet in memory of the members of the Lodge of fell in action during the last war. After this unvieling the Chaplain then offered up prayer. The Brethren then sung 5 versus of the 18th Paraphrase. Brother Innes then sounded the Last Post, after which the Provincial Grand Master then spoke of this unvieling ceremony in a very touching manner.
Just previous to the closing Brother Ried complimented and thanked the Provincial Grand Master and his Office Bearers for the very touching and impressive ceremony, he said it was a treat to listen to it and then said he had another duty to perform. A Brother of the Lodge had carved a walking stick (emblematical) and asked it to be presented to the Provincial Grand Master in memory of this ceremony.
The Provincial Grand Master in thanking Brother Reid for same remarked jocularly he did not know what was meant by same, did it mean he was getting old or words similar. But very proud of same and would treasure it on this occasion. He also complimented the Lodge members for having such a nice temple, it was much needed and hoped it would cement the bond of fellowship. Now and also to the future and make them the Brethren to attend the meetings He then closed the Lodge in due form.

signed Henry Reid Master.

signed David Thomson Secretary.