Reigning Masters 2018

Lodge Randolph 776 RWM Bro. Sandy McLuckie took part in a Reigning Masters Degree at Lodge Balcarres No.1240 on Tuesday 16th January 2018. The degree was a third or High and sublime degree of a Master Mason when Lodge Balcarres newest Fellow Craft was raised to that degree.

Those taking part in the degree were:

Bro. Stewart Kirkwood R.W.M. Lodge Elgin's Lodge at Leven No.91
Bro. Sandy McLuckie R.W.M. Lodge Randolph No.776
Bro. Mark Ferguson R.W.M. Lodge Balfour Melville No.809
Bro. Ian MacDonald R.W.M. Lodge MacDuff No.940
Bro. Colin McDonald R.W.M. Lodge Balcarres No.1240
Bro. John Heron R.W.M. Lodge Earl Haig No.1260
Bro. David Brisland R.W.M. Lodge St. Monan No.1348
Bro. James Roy R.W.M. Lodge St. Kenneth No.1441

Reigning Masters 2018
Reigning Masters with Newly Raised Master Mason