Buckhaven Royal Arch Chapter No.441

Buckhaven Royal Arch Chapter No.441 was first consecrated 20th December 1918. the first First Principal of the Chapter was Most Excellent Companion Henry Reid who was also Installed as RWM of Lodge Randolph No.776 in 1922. The Chapter celebrated 100 years of Royal Arch Freemasonry with a ceremony of rededication carried out by the Supreme Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Scotland on Wednesday 12th of December 2018.

Founding members of Buckhaven Royal Arch Chapter No.441

Henry Reid M.E. First Principal
William Gillies M.E. Second Principal
David Aitken M.E. Third Principal
James Waddell Scribe E
Charles Terriss Scribe N
James Dunsire Treasurer
Gavin Miller First Sojourner
John Lawrie Second Sojourner
John Barker Third Sojourner
Richard Stewart Superintendent of Works
William Luke Captain of First Veil
John Gillies Captain of Second Veil
Bernard Lawson Captain of Third Veil
Hugh Ringland Janitor
David Thomson  


Many members of Lodge Randolph No.776 have went on to join the Buckhaven Royal Arch Chapter and eventually went on to attain the chair of First Principal. Buckhaven Royal Arch Chapter is not restricted to members of Lodge Randolph we have members from many Lodges.

The Chapter used to meet in the premises of Lodge Randolph No.776 in the Masonic Hall, Kinnear Street Buckhaven. The Chapter now meets in the premises of Lodge Balgonie No.764 in the Masonic Hall, Bowling Green Street, Markinch KY7 6BD.

To become a Royal Arch Mason you must first have completed the Degrees of Entered Apprentice, Fellow Craft and Master Mason, and then remain a member in good standing within a Craft Lodge.

Attached to the Royal Arch are additional Cryptic Council and Ark Mariners degrees which are optional, but a pre-requisite for these degrees is that you must be a Royal Arch Mason in good standing.

Royal Arch Freemasonry is regulated and governed by the Supreme Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Scotland. As in Craft Freemasonry, the Royal Arch is divided into Provinces and overseas Districts. The Buckhaven Royal Arch Chapter No.441 is a Chapter within the Province of Fife and Kinross.

In 2023, the three Royal Arch Chapters within the Levenmouth area were amalgamated into one Chapter, named 'Levenmouth Royal Arch Chapter No.261' and now meet on the first Wednesday of the months September to April in the Masonic Hall Wellesley Road Methil at 7.30pm.

MEC Henry Reid and Office-Bearers

First Principal MEC H. Reid and Companions

Past 1st Principal Board 

Past 1st Principal's Board

Centenary Rededication Ceremony 12-12-2018

Centenary Rededication Ceremony M.E.C. Bill Rocks First Principal

 Roll of First Principals

1918 H. Reid 1956 J. Donaldson 1987 R. Masson
1920 W. Gillies 1958 W. Livingstone 1989 B. Rogerson
1922 D. Aitken 1960 A. Gilbert 1991 R. Masson P.Z.
1924 J. Barker 1962 D. R. McKenzie 1992 E. Caldwell P.Z.
1926 P. Goldie 1964 J. B. Barret 1993 W. Hilditch
1930 W. Thomson 1966 J. G. Johnston 1996 L. B. Elder
1932 T. T. Paterson 1968 T. Herd 1999 W. E. Hilditch Snr
1934 D. Young 1971 G. Gough 2001 W. Hilditch P.Z.
1937 T. Thomson 1973 N. M. Locke 2003 J. G. Johnston P.Z.
1939 D. Smith 1975 G. Gough P.Z. 2004 L. B. Elder P.Z.
1943 M. Webster 1977 E. Caldwell 2006 W. E. Hilditch P.Z.
1947 J. Blyth 1981 C. Smith 2007 W. B. Rocks
1950 J. Fleming 1983 T. Thomas 2013 D. Lamb
1952 J. Valentine 1985 R. Meldrum 2015 W. B. Rocks P.Z.
1954 D. Smith P.Z. 1986 J. Morrice P.Z. 2019  G. E. Wilson