Master Mason Degree by Lodge Past Masters

At the Regular Meeting held on Thursday 7th April 2016 RWM Bro. Bill Foster invited a team of Past Masters to work the Third or High and Sublime Degree of a Master Mason on Substitute Candidate Bro. Matt Smith a Master Mason of Elgin's Lodge at Leven No.91. The Degree team consisted of:

Bro. Michael Connelley PM RWM 15 Fellows and Second Secrets  
Bro. George Wilson PM WSW Apron and Charge  
Bro. John Mearns PM WJW First Secrets  
Bro. David Baisley PM SD Exhortation  
Bro. Brian Meechan PM JD Obligation  
Bro. James Goodlad PM IG Traditional History  
Bro. Bill Rocks PM Chaplain Emblems and Working Tools  
Bro. Charles Smith PM Director of Ceremonies    

 Past Masters Degree

RWM With Degree Team and Candidate Bro. Matt Smith Elgins' Lodge at Leven No.91