Lodge St. Serf No.327

Lodge Randolph No.776 visited Lodge St. Serf No.327 on Tuesday 2nd February 2016 where the Lodge had been invited along by the RWM of Lodge St. Serf No.327 Bro. Drew Simpson, to confer an Entered Apprentice Degree. The Deputation headed by RWM Bro. Bill Foster was very warmly welcomed into Lodge St. Serf by the RWM and Brethren.

RWM Bro. Bill Foster and the Degree Team carried out an exemplification of the Entered Apprentice Degree with Bro. David Thompson PM Lodge St. John No.540 standing in as the Substitute Candidate. Thanks to Bro. Thompson for his participation.

After the close of the meeting Bro. Simpson RWM Lodge St. Serf No.327 presented Bro. Foster RWM Lodge Randolph No.776 with a bottle of whisky as a thank you for confering the Degree.


RWM's at Lodge 327

Bro. Bill Foster RWM Lodge Randolph and Bro. Drew Simpson RWM Lodge St. Serf

Lodge St. Serf 

A Few of the Lodge Randolph Brethren