Coat of Arms

Extract of Matriculation of the Arms of Lodge Randolph No.776. 

Coat of Arms

John Crawford Martin, Right Worshipful Master, having by Petition unto the Lord Lyon King of Arms of date 20 March 1987 for and on behalf of Lodge Randolph No.776, Shewn; That the said Lodge was erected under charter from the Grand Lodge of Scotland of date 7 August 1890; That the area served by the said Lodge is in the district of Buckhaven and Methil in the County of Fife; That certain Ensigns Armorial were recorded in the Public Register of All Arms and Bearings in Scotland (Volume 27 folio 62) of date 20 October 1927 in name of The Grand Lodge of Ancient Free and Accepted Masons of Scotland; And the Petitioner having prayed that the aforesaid Ensigns Armorial might be matriculated of new in name of the said Lodge Randolph No.776 with a suitable difference, The Lord Lyon King of Arms by interlocutor of date 25 January 1988, Granted Warrant to the Lyon Clerk to matriculate in the Public Register of All Arms and bearings in Scotland in name of the said Lodge Randolph No.776 the following Ensigns Armorial VIDELICET:- Per pale, dexter, per fess in chief per pale Orand Argent And in base lozengy Sable and Argent, on a Fess Azure between a lion rampant Gules in dexter chief, a miner's lamp Sable enflamed Proper in sinisterchief and a fish havriant Ori in base, the figures 776 Also Or; sinister Vert, on a chevron Or between three towers Proper a pair of compasses extended chevrnwise Sable.

And in an Escrol below the same this Motto "AUDI VIDE TACE."

Basis of the Design for our Ensigns Armorial

Sinister Side - (Right Hand Side Grand Lodge of Scotland
Dexter side - (Left hand side)  
Top left Lion Rampant from the Honourable Randolph Wemyss of Wemyss our formation supporter and our namesake
Top Right Miners Davy Lamp Origin of Town and Community (Fishing and Mining) and our Three Lights
Middle Our Masonic Lodge Motif, Number and Colours Since 1974
Base Light and Dark Lozange Base, Symbolizing Coal, with the Fish, Origin of Town and Community (Fishing and Mining)
Motto Audi - Vide - Tace   Hear - See - Be Silent