Lodge Balgonie Visit 2018

Bro. Sandy McLuckie R.W.M. of Lodge Randolph No.776 invited Lodge Balgonie No.764 to work a Mark Degree on Thursday 29th March 2018. R.W.M Sandy McLuckie warmly welcomed the deputation from Lodge Balgonie No.764, headed by their R.W.M. Bro. Alan Watson into the Lodge thanked them for agreeing to come along and work the degree. He then proffered the gavel to Bro. Alan Watson in order that Lodge Balgonie could continue with the degree. Bro. Alan Watson R.W.M Lodge Balgonie No.764 immediatley thanked Bro. McLuckie thanked him for the invitation then passed the gavel to Past Master Bro. Colin Davie who he charged to act as Mark Master and lead the degree.

Bro. Colin Davie P.M. adjourned the Lodge, he than formed a Mark Lodge and Bro. Alistair Robb was advanced to the honourable degree of a Mark Master Mason in an excellent manner by the R.W.M.M, Office Bearers and Brethren of Lodge Balgonie No.764.

On handing back the gavel to Bro. Sandy McLuckie Bro. Colin Davie P.M. presented him with a Bells whisky decanter to assist him and Lodge Randolph in their fund raising efforts to assist a young Leven child suffering from Flat Head Syndrome. Bro. McLuckie thanked him sincerely for this gift which was offered in a prize draw at the close of the meeting and won by Bro. Ian Stevenson S.D. Lodge Balgonie No.764. The draw realising £120.00 for the Flat Head Syndrome appeal.

Lodge Balgonie Visit 2018Front Seated Left to Right
Bro. Colin Davie P.M. Lodge Balgonie No.764 R.W.M.M.
Bro. Sandy McLuckie R.W.M. Lodge Randolph No.776
Bro. Alistair Robb M.M.M
Bro. Alan Watson R.W.M. Lodge Balgonie No.764