Special Meeting at Lodge St. Clair of Dysart No.520 30th March 2017

Bro. Bill Foster Immediate Past Master of Lodge Randolph No.776 took part in a special meeting at Lodge St. Clair of Dysart No.520 on Thursday 30th March 2017 when Master Mason Degree was worked. The Degree Team was led by Bro. Jason Watson IPM Lodge St. Clair of Dysart No.520 who had invited the Immediate Past Masters from 12 other Lodges to assist him, some of the Brethren taking up the Lodge Offices while others delivered the various lectures. Our own IPM Bro. Bill Foster delivered the lecture "Reflected Rays".

In attendance to give support were RWM Bro. Sandy McLuckie, Pas Masters Bro. David Baisley, Bro. Jas Goodlad, Bro. Bill Rocks, Bro. George Wilson and WJW Bro. Scott Jackson.

Lodges who took part in the Degree were:

The Lodge of Kirkcaldie No.72 No. 72
Lodge St. Regulus No. 77
Lodge Lindores No. 106
Lodge St. Clair of Glasgow No. 362
Lodge Dunearn No. 400
Lodge St. Clair of Dysart No. 520
Lodge Balgonie No. 764
Lodge Randolph No. 776
Lodge Wemyss No. 777
Lodge St. Leonard No. 935
Lodge St. Fothad's No. 1059
Lodge Earl Haig No. 1260
Lodge Clackmannan No. 1303

Photograph provided by Bro. Donald Maguire PM Lodge St. Clair of Dysart No.520.

Special Meeting at 520
The Degree Team and Candidate