Lodge Randolph No.776 Visit to Lodge Earl Haig No.1260

On Wednesday 24th February 2016 Lodge Randolph visited Lodge Earl Haig No.1260 to work a Master Mason Degree at the invitation of the RWM of Lodge Earl Haig No.1260 Bro. John Heron. The Brethren of Lodge Randolph headed by RWM Bro. Bill Foster were very warmly welcomed into the Lodge by RWM Bro. John Heron and all Lodge Earl Haig Brethren in the second or Fellow Craft Degree. On assuming the various offices in the Lodge RWM Bro. Bill Foster asked the Deacons to present Bro. Craig Rennie a progressing Candidate in order that he could be raised to the Third or High and Sublime Degree of a Master Mason.

At the close of the meeting the Brethren sat down to harmony and a pleasant evening was enjoyed by all.


 Visit to 1260

Lodge Randolph No.776 Brethren with Lodge Earl Haig No.1260 RWM Bro. John Heron and Candidate Bro. Craig Rennie

 Visit to 1260

Left to Right
Lodge Randolph No.776 RWM Bro. Bill Foster
Candidate Bro. Craig Rennie
Lodge Earl Haig No.1260 RWM Bro. John Heron